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Walking, Hiking

Bike-Tours around Bad Homburg

Tour to Bad Nauheim (Germanys Elvis-Town) [NNE of Bad Homburg, ca. 20min drive]

  • Bad Nauheim - nice Art Nouveau town with the "Elvisfestival"
    • Touristic-Things - walk the park, rent a boat on the lake, visit the Elvis-Monument, explore the shops in town, ...
    • Semira - eat in a turkish restaurant in the center => very good service and food
    • Bakery - buy some great local specialities, e.g. for dinner
    • Icecream - get a treat as a desert and enjoy the takeaway in the park
    • Roses - Museum - Steinfurt a part of Bad Nauheim is famous for roses and has a unique roses-museum => eat Roses-Cake in their cafe
    • Roses - real beauties - the place looks like an roses-paradise-exibition and you can buy nearly everything => try their high tea offer (mostly booked out for months)
  • Return to Bad Homburg via rural streets "Köppener Tal" and stopp for a movie
  • Cinema Köppern - one of the few remained little cute and good ones
  • Friedrichsdorf - town of Zwieback

Tour to Bad Nauheim (Germanys Elvis-Town) [NNE of Bad Homburg, ca. 20min drive]

Tour to the Hessenpark and the hinterland [NNW of Bad Homburg, ca. 25min drive directly (enough for 2-3 days)]

Tour to the Saalburg and Herzberg [NNW of Bad Homburg, ca. 15min drive directly (buses available) + walking]

  • Saalburg - roman castle on the Limes (world heritage site)
  • Walk the Limes
  • Herzberg - walking the woods and get a nice meal after having had a great view on the tower
  • Hirschgarten - "bushmeat"-delicatessen and a deer park
  • Return to Bad Homburg via Saalburg or Bad Homburg/Dornholzhausen

Tour to Celtic and medieval history [E of Bad Homburg, ca. 40min drive]

  • World of the Celts - archaeological park with statue with special haircut (500 B.C.) (has Walt Disney seen this before Mickey Mouse?)
  • Ronneburg - medieval Xmas-Market (I do not like xmas-markets, but this one is great!)

Tour to Wiesbaden and Rheingau [W of Bad Homburg, ca. 50min+]

  • Wiesbaden - theatre, casino, shopping, thermal bath
  • Destino - Tapas-Bar, Nerostr. 33, 0611-13700657 - fantastic beetroot (which I normally do not like) and other good stuff! (no website)
  • Taunus-Wunderland - Nature-themed family amusement park with a petting zoo, extensive forest & rides for young & old
  • Kloster Eberbach = Eberbach Abbey - buy vine and once a year see the filme "the name of the rose" (German with english subtitles) at the original film location
  • Rhein in Flammen - Illumination of the castles and the valley of the river Rhein with fireworks
  • Rheingau - spectacular landscape and good food
  • Rheinschifffahrt - see the Rhine-valley from a boat

Tour to Messel / Darmstadt /Odenwald / Heidelberg [S of Bad Homburg, ca. 45min+; good for 2+ days]

  • Grube Messel - Worldheritage Site with unique fosils (Mini-Horses, Crocodiles etc.) near Darmstadt (40min drive)
  • Darmstadt - Art Noveau at the Matildenhöhe and in the Thermalbath
    • Shiraz - Persian-Oriental Restaurant, Dieburger Str. 73 near Mathildenhöhe, 06151-6011640 (great !!!! lunchbuffet)
  • Odenwald Felsenmeer - spectacular stoneformations in the woods
  • Heidelberg - not destroyed during WW II

Tour in Germany's south [S of Bad Homburg, ca. 4h; good for many days]

  • Germany's South - Tour suggestions => Castles of Ludwig II, walking in the scenery of the alps, rural countrylife in the Allgäu, metropolitan life in Munich with museums etc. (and even things we still have on our own list)

Up into the air

(Paragliding near Bad Homburg)

A bit more distant recommendations

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