BEST OF SOUTH => Castles of Ludwig II, walking in the scenery of the alps, rural countrylife in the Allgäu, metropolitan life in Munich with museums etc.

Suggestions for a roadtrip (originated from a mail to Emily on SV Emily-Luna)

I think the key might be to concentrate on mayor sights to have time and fun [or bring more time :-)


THE MIDDLE - Frankfurt Area:

(maybe 2 nights, to get rid of the jetlag (going east can be uncomfortable) or depending on your time just go south immediately):

Bad Homburg and surrounding


Eat: "Frankfurter Grüne Soße" (if it is made with Mayonaise then you are in the wrong restaurant => avoid => ask before ordering)
Drink: "Apfelwein" (Äppelwoi) - I recommend starting with only a small amount :-)) or in season (autumn) "Süßer" freshly squeezed apples (no alcohol)


The South is beer and cheese heaven - in nearly every town you might find craft-beer and a local cheese-factory to visit (quite different quality to what you get vacuum-packed in a supermarket :-) and chances are high that you find a good bakery which is still doing bread by themselfs and not getting factory-reheating stuff!
(a couple of nights, maybe 4-5)

Ulm / Memmingen

Eat: "Geschwollene und eine Seele"

Maybe end the day in or near (sometimes the little villages are cute to stay, mostly more "real life" and often less expensive/better value for money)

  • Eistobel - Nice Walk near Isny (slippery when wet) [calculate 3+h (or walk fast!)]
  • Käseküche Isny Kaeskueche-Isny - good organic cheese with the possibility to have a look on the process (imho better than visiting Isny itself)

  • Füssen

    Eat: "Bayerischer Wurstsalat"


    Proceed via Bad Hindelang (visit the cheesefactory and the cheeseshops and buy a hammered forged iron-pan in an old hammer-mill to do great "Bratkartoffeln" (good for steak as well)) [Eat: Kässpatzen [Käse-Spätzle] and via Schloss Linderhof and a bit of Austria (where you should fill up your tank => cheaper fuel), in Austria you will pass the village "Ehrwald" where they had in 2013 a tiny shop with great local products (cheese, ham etc.) "Dorfladen Ehrwald" (+43 664 733 46009). you mightwant to stop at the Tänzelfest in Kaufbeuren ca. 1600 kids doing history in mid July (ESE of Memmingen)

    Next stop is (between Munich and Ulm):

    Landsberg am Lech

    (2 nights)

    pass Munich in the south and go to the lake in the area called "Chiemgau", lovely landscape => my favorite in Germany.
    Stop at Café Winklstüberl - cakeparadise near Schliersee


    Chiemsee - a lake in a great setting

    (a couple of nights, maybe 4-5, we often stayed in big farmhouses with lots of rooms a bit out of town)

    Eat: "Renken" - a local fish

    Chiemsee: more links and detailed infos where to live and eat etc.

    If :-) you still have time for daytrips:

    proceed via small, scenic roads through the hinterland towards


    (a couple of nights, maybe 3)
    Eat: "Weißwürstchen und eine Brezel"

    On the way back to Frankfurt:

    => too much to do ??? time is too short ??? => Do not rush, COME BACK !!!

    ENJOY :-)

    Allgäu - What we personally have not visited yet - plans for 2021+

    (Linksource: ADAC-Reisemagazin 2012)
    W of Ulm
    East of Memmingen

    SW of Memmingen

    South of Sonthofen

    East (and NE) of Sonthofen

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