The Persons behind the names of our apartments


Prinzessin Marianne von Preußen, aka Prinzessin Wilhelm, actually Marie Anne Amalie (also called Amalia), born Prinzessin von Hessen-Homburg was as a sister in law of the king and queen Friedrich Wilhelm III. and Luise a close member of the prussian royal family. You can walk in her footsteps e.g. in the gentry gardens, as the "Kleinen Tannenwald" or even listen there to a concert during the "Bad Homburger Summer ...
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Bertha Sophia Felicita Freifrau von Suttner was honored 1905 with the nobelprize for peace as the first woman ever. She was on the hunt for a husband, twice without success, but instead she got aquianted in Bad Homburg with the Fürstin Dadiani von Mingrelien and joined her on her estate nearly for 10 years in the Kaukasus.
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Charlotte Dorothea Sophie Prinzessin von Hessen-Homburg and through marriage Herzogin von Sachsen-Weimar, was the oldest daughter of Landgraf Friedrich II and followed her own head and her heart. If you visit the castle and the tower your will get a glimpse of how she lived ...
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Fjodor Michailowitsch Dostojewski, is known as one of the most important russian writer and as one of the outstanding psychologists of world literature. He lived some time in Bad Homburg. If his visits in the casino in the park have something to do with his work "The Gambler" ...
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Princess Elizabeth of the United Kingdom and Ireland, Landgravin of Hesse-Homburg - As she saw the german prince Friedrich von Hessen-Homburg in his austrian husar-uniform, it was reported that Elisabeth said: "If he is a bachelor, I will marry him!". Not only the "Gotische Haus" and the gardens shows her legacy; the fountain "Elisabethenbrunnen" you will find in the park during a nice walk.
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Amalia (auf Lagis) [german]


Landgraf Friedrich II. von Hessen-Homburg, Prinz von Homburg - His silver leg can be visited in the castle.
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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, is known as one of the most important german writers. He dedicated a poem to his love in Bad Homburg. "Goethes Ruh", a nice place in the park of the castle invites you for having a break and a snack ...
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Goethe in Bad Homburg (german)


Johann Christian Friedrich Hölderlin - one of the most important german writers for lyric poetry. You will find a monument honouring him in the park near the lake.
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Isaac von Sinclair, born in Bad Homburg, was a german diplomat and writer and friend of Friedrich Hölderlin. Interesting exhibitions are shown in the "Sinclairhaus" near the castle.
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Karl Horn went to jail, because he doubted the "Endsieg" during the Nazi-Time and after World War II he set up the local infrastructure as Lord Mayor of Bad Homburg. He is, among others, responsible for the very good quality of our most important beverage: Water. On our side of the Kisseleffstraße we have soft water, on the other side you get the hard Frankfurt stuff.

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